Council Information

Membership Requirements

The purpose of the Council is to foster a better understanding of estate planning among its members.

Our Membership Application and Information Flier may be downloaded by clicking below:

  • Application: New Member Application
  • The completed application should be sent to the Secretary with a $300 check made payable to “Estate Planning Council of Broward County, Inc.” The application will be considered for approval at the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors. If you need more information, please contact one of the First Directors listed below.

The $300 check that accompanies the application includes the annual dues and the cost of four educational dinner meetings.

An applicant for membership must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Substantial part of time devoted to some area of estate planning.
  2. Actively engaged in the profession of law, accounting, trust, life insurance, or special member category (as outlined below) primarily in Broward County, for the past two years. (Note: If applicant does not yet meet minimum tenure but has been an active member in good standing of a similar estate planning council elsewhere within the past two years, this requirement may be met by securing a letter signed by an officer of that organization certifying to such membership.)
  3. Sponsored by two members of the Council in good standing, at least one of whom is in the same profession as the applicant.
  4. Member of one of the following professions, meeting the qualifications described:

ATTORNEY: Member in good standing of the Florida Bar. In the past twelve months has completed at least ten hours of continuing legal education courses in estate planning and administration approved by the Florida Bar.

CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT: A CPA duly licensed by the Florida State Board of Accountancy. In the past twelve months has completed at least eight hours of continuing professional education courses in estate planning approved by the Florida State Board of Accountancy.

CHARTERED LIFE UNDERWRITER: Must be a member in good standing of a chapter of the American Society of Chartered Life Underwriters, Inc., and/or Chartered Financial Consultants, and hold a current Florida Insurance license. In the past twelve months has completed at least 8 hours of continuing education courses

TRUST OFFICER: Actively engaged as a full-time trust officer for the past two years, primarily in Broward County, of a national or state-chartered bank or savings association with trust powers and providing trust services, or of a trust company licensed to do business in Florida. Applicant must either:
(a) have primary responsibility for estate planning or administration, or
(b) be the chief executive or administrative officer of a trust department.


CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER: Hold an active CFP credential and member in good standing of the Financial Planning Standards Board.

PLANNED GIVING / FUNDRAISING PROFESSIONAL: Work for a registered 501(c) non-profit organization in a position with planned giving / fundraising responsibilities.

PROFESSORS IN ESTATE PLANNING AREAS: College professor teaching estate planning related courses.

JUDICIAL STAFF ATTORNEYS: Work as a judicial staff attorney in Broward County.